Monday, 23 September 2013

Making home feel like home.

Hurrah ... I have finally unpacked my belongings and prized possessions into my new living quarters, London. After many stressed infused bouts of insanity I transformed my room into the floral haven I had envisioned. Minus the flower beds and hanging baskets.

As I write this post (Irn bru in hand) the Chicken Shop is currently being broadcast via the ol tellybox, one of the many London delights I am yet to relish in. My housemate, harriet, is currently enabling me to tantalise my well established taste buds with its London famous kentucky fried chicken. The likelihood of this happening will be post drinks on a Saturday. Social protocol states that drinks in the evening is the norm in London.

Alas I digress.

In regards to all things Ever Ours, check out my Instagram pictures (@everours_) for all our coming soon items. There are so many pretty things ... which is dangerous as come delivery day I will want to keep it all.

In regards to Instagram, expect many a photo from my daily musings as this week I shall be spending my awake hours at photo shoots, store openings and an evening with funny folk at the television recording of Live at the Apollo. Apologies in advance. 

Finally, the worlds most sassiest jacket has been welcomed in the world of Ever Ours, a definite must have and autumn favourite.

My new living establishment

Love and hugs,

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